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Hosting technology make a tremendous change in the IT industry and it bursts the data over  the internet. Trust me guys , hosting is very old technology but just in a new packaging. During industrial revolution OEM was and it’s still very famous and hosting is a sort of OEM.Business textbooks often refer to OEMs as “contract manufacturers.” Hosting is the same concept where hosting provider company acts as OEM and our application as VAR.
The two share a mutually beneficial relationship, as VARs help OEMs sell their products and OEMs entrust their products to VARs, allowing them to sell them with more features that will enhance the operation of the products.
keeping in mind about new website product whenever we search for hosting services providers then we come across  multiple dozens of provider each having their own speciality and their own way of  providing service with multiple platforms at this time its cumbersome to choose right provider which will be beneficial to us in all possible ways.before going to choose the right provider one should have the thorough knowledge of what king of hosting we want.

           We can have hosting with so many flavours, among which we can classify them into mainly these below mentioned categories,


Full-featured hosting services

Shared Hosting

In shared hosting single server is shared among the users , here no dedicated or virtually dedicated server is available to user but instead  thousand number of users are working on single server that’s why the cost becomes very less but its effect on quality of service that is high latency, low bandwidth and less security.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

In VPS a single server is divided logically into multiple number of servers by using virtualization and each server is assigned to  or leased to different users for their web hosting. Its more affordable than dedicated hosting as server is shared but with this we have to face lot of compromising in term of resources utilization. Its scalable in nature too. VPS Hosting is a combination of Dedicated and Shared Hosting

Cloud Hosting

It is same as group of multiple servers which provide hosting services. The motto behind cloud computing is to provide 100% availability along with great scalability which one cannot get with above explained types of hosting. It is achieved because resources are available from multiple servers and if any server goes down then resources can be supplied from other servers.  The cloud computing is same like VPS but the number of servers are too large and they are distributed so the resources that are required during high traffic levels or spikes for any particular website.

Dedicated Hosting Service

In dedicated hosting a hole server is totally dedicated to our web product. It’s like to allot single  physical server to ones web application. We can have full command on the resources that are available with the server and we do not share any resource to anybody. due to these circumstances this is a somewhat expensive type of hosting but on other side it gives smart performance and great security which no one can neglect considering the quality of service.            It’s like someone taking whole luxurious resort on lease (Filling crazy???) !!!!!!!!lol…. but it can empty your hard earned money too…..

Limited or application-specific hosting services include

  • File Hosting Service
  • Web Hosting Service
  • E-mail Hosting Service
  • DNS Hosting service
  • Game Servers
  • Wiki Farms


         Selecting proper hosting service ,it’s a matter of  purpose for which you are going to use hosting service . If you are new and the traffic is not a point of discussion and also money is restricted then shared hosting is best suited , you can anytime upgrade to VPS or dedicated or cloud hosting in future.

            If you want root access along with some sort of security then VPS is the best choice. It also scalable and fast than shared hosting

            If the quality and speed that matters for you by compromising cost then one can opt for dedicated hosting.

            If the business is too large and traffic pattern is also not predictable then go to clod hosting. It also gives great availability and scalability

At last we can understand the whole story with one simple example

suppose we own a car then it’s a physical server. suppose we take car on rent only for sole use purpose then its dedicated hosting. Suppose that rented car has isolated compartment which can be further used by number of users then its VPS hosting. and suppose if the rented car is openly shared by multiple users without any separate space then its shared hosting.



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