KVM VPS Server

Vccl KVM Hosting Solution, Quick and High speed KVM Hosting

Searching for KVM VPS Hosting at reasonable costs?

Let Vccl fulfill your requirements with its all around planned, effective hosting strategies. Vccl delivers virtual KVM service with many advanced features which build better cloud computing framework for end users. We deliver our customer a safe and fastest virtual KVM service at low cost.

GPU-Live Dedicated Servers

Fastest Deployment

Our Cloud based GPU-Live Dedicated servers provide incredible acceleration for Big Data, AI, ML, Deep Learning, Statistical and Data Analytics, Database queries, Video Streaming, Gaming and High Performance Computing.

Cloud Computing

VCCL Cloud Computing Solution, Quick and High Speed Cloud Service Provider

VCCl Cloud Hosting is leading company in India, provides services from startup to organization level across globe. Our goal is to provide industry support business flow and high availability. We deliver services to achieve business goals with our highly robust, safe and cost effective cloud solutions.

VCCL Block Storage

Store And Access Your Contents Anytime In VCCL Block Storage Via Desktop, Mobile And Laptop.

Just select your VCCL Block Storage size and add or minimize
your space according to your requirements.

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  • 2 Cores / RAM 2GB / 20GB SSD / 1 TB Transfer / 1 IP
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Control Panel
  • Free Domain name
  • Free Website Migration
  • Much more of worth Rs. 15000

Rs. 649/mo.

GeForce GTX 1080

  • 4 Cores / RAM 64GB / Disk 512GB / Unlimited Bandwidth / 1 IP
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Control Panel
  • Free Domain name
  • Much more of worth Rs. 15000

Rs. 9970/mo.

Cloud Engine

  • 12 Cores / RAM 64GB / 1000GB SSD / Unlimited Bandwidth / 1 IP
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Control Panel
  • Free Domain name
  • Much more of worth Rs. 15000

Rs. 100/mo.

Block Storage I

  • Storage 100 GB/ Traffic 1 TB / 2 Snapshots / 1 IP
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Control Panel
  • Free Domain name
  • Much more of worth Rs. 15000

Rs. 199/mo.

About Us

Story of Digital Dream

VCCL Cloud was started in 2019 by a small enthusiastic team, to build outstanding mission of becoming professional cloud service provider. Our remarkable focus is to simplify data center cervices. We started with a single rack of servers in our European data center and now we became a leading company in a small time span. We have following features

  • Standard Innovation
  • Good Offers
  • 24/7 help
  • High Quality Products
  • Low Cost Products
  • Trustworthy

50 +

Engineers and Developers

100 k +


35 m +

Instances Deployed

15 m +

Support answers per month



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Frequently Asked Questions

Why to use VPS?

Ideally, developer should always use VPS hosting for their websites since private servers are very expensive. VPS gives high speed in loading contents and searching results. VPS maintain its consistency even when in junk of traffic and clicks. Vccl KVM Cloud server delivers solution over downtime and HTTP 503 server error. Using KVM VPS you can host another website on guest OS, and gain full root control. In multi-tenant environment, each VPS can achieve dedicated resources with high reliability.

Which is best VPS for me?

As multiple VPS options are there, virtualization platform differs them according to features. Once you understand project requirement, it’s become easy to choose right VPS option, Citrix Xen, OpenVZ, and KVM are some top VPS platforms. There are endless advantages of VPS like web hosting, shared hosting, application testing, etc.

What is Kernel Virtual Machine(KVM)?

Kernel Virtual Machine can build on Linux platform, allows users to test kernel on root node and run multiple guest OSs. KVM has its own virtualization system which is already integrated with AMD and Intel processors. KVM hypervisor works as a VMM to build and manage VMs and their resources. Vccl hosting provides KVM VPS on affordable cost to manage virtualization framework.