Refund Policy

VCCLCloud run business in the digital ecosystem. It is very important for us to run it within the legal boundaries.  Our policies are buyer-centric.



Our platform powers web professionals across the world with a set of products that fit right into their business. Web hosting ,Reseller hosting comes with 30 days money back guarantee. In other case if our service didn’t works or start in that case we offer full refund.

View our refund policy.

Requesting Refund from VCCLCloud

You can easily cancel order from your Customer Account within 30 days from date of booking payment ,and request for Refund from VCCLCloud .By requesting for a refund. You may only withdraw funds from your available Debit Account Balance.


The funds that are actually refunded may not be equal to the funds you requested due to one or more of the following factors:

foreign exchange conversion fluctuations,

bank charges, which may be deducted by our bank and/or yours.

To Request a Refund

Login to your Customer Control Panel.

1.In the Menu, point to My Billing and click Withdraw Funds.

Here you will be displayed Your Current Balance. Enter the Amount you wish to withdraw.

In the Refund Description field, mention how you want to receive your refund amount.


Refund to my Credit Card

Refund to my PayPal Account:

Refund as Wire Transfer to Bank Account no.: XXX-XXX

Refund via cheque to my postal address: XXX

Click the Confirm button to send a Refund Request to our Billing Team.

Cancellation And Termination

The account owner is the only person who can cancel an account. You are solely responsible for properly canceling your account. Any email/ phone/ contact request to cancel the account will not be entertained. Please ensure that the cancelation requests are made only through the online control panel.