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Searching for KVM VPS Hosting at reasonable costs?

Let VCCL fulfill your requirements with its all-around planned, effective hosting strategies. We deliver a virtual Linux KVM Server with many advanced features which build a better cloud computing framework for end-users. We deliver our customers a safe and fastest virtual KVM service at a low cost.

KVM Server in India

SSD Powered KVM VPS Server Plans


KVM VPS Server Platform

The single machine can run multiple VPS servers with no of them frustrating the exhibition of different servers on the identical network. Hypervisor is VMM which divides the underline hardware into smaller logical parts. Each KVM VPS Server can run its guest OS and manage network resources. KVM virtual dedicated server ensures many benefits over selecting good hosting option for your project. This will help to achieve successful development for your company. A cost effective KVM VPS, based on dedicated IP and resources without overhead of underlined hardware is right option for end users

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Why KVM Server is best VPS?

KVM is innovation of RedHat Company in 2008, specially developed for virtualization framework.

KVM VPS Server Features

KVM has following features

Security from other users

Linux KVM VPS Server provides protection from other users in same server.  If one user executing script and another is working with any malicious content, the accounts will remain fully secure and protected.


Failure Recovery

VCCL KVM VPS service comes with fast plan which will allow you to set up a server in  short time. Our SSD storage system reduces the risk of disk failure as compare to traditional HDD mechanism.

Dedicated IP Addresses

VCCL KVM cloud server has dedicated IPs to provides controlled mailing system. It will  help in mailing system of organizations to maintain isolated communication paths using dedicated IPs.


cPanel Interface

VCCL KVM VPS Server provides latest version of cPanel facility for users to develop websites features like simple web site builder.  VCCL KVM cPanel interface secure platform for website builder.

Resource Management

VCCL KVM VPS Server helps to maintain isolation in virtual machines and utilize resources among them. User can get isolated kernel access including OS, CPU and RAM as a dedicated resources. High powered Xeon CPU delivers complex computing capacity.


SSD Disk Technology

VCCL KVM VPS Hosting provides best storage system using SSD Disk technology. We give RAID10 type SSD drives with integrated cache cards for faster speed. KVM VPS will surely guide in developing good client projects quickly and efficiently.

Which is Best VPS for Me?

As multiple VPS options are there, virtualization platform differs them according to features. Once you understand project requirement, it's become easy to choose right VPS option, Citrix Xen, OpenVZ, and KVM are some top VPS platforms. There are endless advantages of VPS like web hosting, shared hosting, application testing, etc.

Set up your own Linux KVM Server

Select Your Plan

Select a suitable KVM VPS Server plan

KVM VPS Server Plans

Choose Server OS & Panel

Quick Deployment of Server

      • Instant plan- Go with your server on and running instantly! Our servers are configured within a few seconds.
      • Select a suitable OS- Select the handy OS that goes best for you.

KVM VPS Server with Windows OS Linux KVM VPS Server

In our KVM VPS Server, You will have the freedom to choose any OS Template including Suse, Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Scientific.

Select your control panel for KVM VPS Server

      • cPanel
      • Plesk
      • Webuzo
      • Webmin
      • Interworx
      • ISPConfig3
      • VestaCP
      • CentOS Panel

Secure To Use

1. DDOS Security

We ensure advanced secure layer for VPS server against all DDOS attacks.

2. Private Cloud

Build a private cloud framework between multiple VPS’s for faster and safe communication.

3. Support

Our support team is always ready to pick queries and provide best solutions.

We provide guidance for :

      • Start, Login, explore Network or Hardware
      • Firewall Setup and Initial Setup.
      • Guidance of basic server installation and DNS issues.

Easy To Use Server Administration

In our Linux KVM Server, the user can ON, shutdown and Restart his VPS from Server Admin Panel.

We provide full control to the server with root credentials. User can manage resources on his own.

User can access Virtual Network Computing (VNC) with our VPS.

KVM VPS Server Demo

Frequent Asked Questions

KVM is also called a Kernel-based virtual Machine. A virtual private server is actually designed like a physical one. Like a physical server, multiple resources can be assigned to the KVM VPS Server. VPS cannot share with other physical server. KVM VPS facilitating is known for its most extreme quality and high performance.

Kernel Virtual Machine can build on Linux platform, allows users to test kernel on root node and run multiple guest OSs. KVM has its own virtualization system which is already integrated with AMD and Intel processors. KVM hypervisor works as a VMM to build and manage VMs and their resources. VCCLCloud provides KVM VPS Hosting/Server on affordable cost to manage virtualization framework.

The main benefit of KVM VPS Hosting is Adjustable and Full Root Access, In it You have full induction to refresh or scale back organizations.
Exactly when you need to add or when you need to dispose of. You can do it without a special effort and manage all that with your end.

  1. Windows OS
  2. Linux OSs: Fedora/RedHat Derivatives
  3. Linux Family: Ubuntu/Debian Derivatives
  4. Other Linux OS: Distros
  6. UNIX OS: Solaris/OpenSolaris
  7. Other UNIX OSs

You can relocate a visitor between an AMD machine to an Intel based machine. Normally, a 64-bit VM must be moved to a 64-bit VM, but a 32-bit VM also can be relocated freely.

  Every VCCLCloud’s VPS configured with separate IP address, if client wants additional IPs, it will be allocated by our technical support team. To contact them kindly open a ticket from support section.

KVM VPS Hosting/ Server supports different formats in synchronization with QEMU as it upholds numerous crude pictures, local QEMU arrangement of qcow2, VMWare design like .vmx, .vmdk, and so forth VirtualBox design like .vbx, and so on and some more. QEMU and KVM together give the high level usefulness to run virtualized servers and platforms.

Utilizing Private Network you can set up a safe, inside and rapid association between all or a portion of your VPS’s. VCCL KVM VPS is useful in Server- to-Server connection, Master-slave configuration, Cluster creation, mirroring and live migration. Contact our specialist for more information:
It very well may be utilized for Server-to-Server Communication, Master-Slave arrangement, Cluster arrangement, Replications, and Migrations. Address our Hosting Specialists to know more.