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What VCCLCloud computer offers?

VCCLCloud Compute offers compute console within seconds with easy web console. The hardware based compute node is once configure, host machine can access it. It is totally flexible, easy to control and gives powered performance to your applications.

What OSs Do you Provide?

We offers Linux versions like Oracle, Cent OS 7/8/ and Ubuntu. We also offers Microsoft Windows Server.

Can I use my OS image?

Yes, VCCLCloud Compute supports using your own OS image.

What are the VCCL Storage Options?

Local Storage: Local SSD Storage with highly reliable and low latency is available.
Block Storage: Block Storage offers volume of persistent blocks with attached compute node. User can use it like a normal file structure for the OS.

What if I terminate my Cloud Compute?

After terminating node, you can boot blocks for later use. If you don’t want to use, it will deallocate and terminate from your account. All data in the block storage will be safe and available to use.
Also you can create copy of disk or image and use later.

GPU Server

What number of synchronous video encoding/real time undertakings can run on a GPU occurrence?

With video web based explicitly, the quantity of concurrent streams that are conceivable will rely upon the accompanying variables.

File Size and Quality

  Video Rendering is depend on UDP port network traffic. It can endure some misfortune without any type of data loss. If video is storing on server node, then you have less change to compete with. Server will fetch the data and render the video to the end user, but if the video is on other location server needs more power to fetch it.

Video Size

If the video is long and original quality is good and if it needs to encoded in other format, the processing power will increase for each video.



What is system requirement of GeForce RTX 3070 GPU?

System Requirements of 

Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10

RAM: 2GB system memory
Disc Space Required: 1 GB



 Processor- Intel Pentium G Series, Core i3, i5, i7, or higher. 



 Processor- AMD FX, Ryzen 3, 5, 7, Threadripper or higher.

I am unable to optimize my some games with GeForce, Why?

Many games using installation to configure file with document alongside the game under Program Files. These documents can’t be altered by outside projects like GeForce Experience.

KVM Server

What are the types of OSs supported by KVM VPS?

  1. Windows OS
  2. Linux OSs: Fedora/RedHat Derivatives
  3. Linux Family: Ubuntu/Debian Derivatives
  4. Other Linux OS: Distros
  6. UNIX OS: Solaris/OpenSolaris
  7. Other UNIX OSs

What is the live migration feature of KVM and its downtime?

You can relocate a visitor between an AMD machine to an Intel based machine. Normally, a 64-bit VM must be moved to a 64-bit VM, but a 32-bit VM also can be relocated freely.

Is committed IP accessible with VPS machine VCCLCloud hosting master plans?

  Every VCCLCloud’s VPS configured with separate IP address, if client wants additional IPs, it will be allocated by our technical support team. To contact them kindly open a ticket from support section.

Storage Server

What type of storage disks are used in VCCL storage services ?

VCCL offers Solid state Drive (SSD) are used to deliver for maximum storage area in minimum cost with high reliability.

Is there any failure recovery system for clients data losses ?

your important data is in safe hands of VCCL Storage server with advanced  RAID shield . It offers protection layer for data resides in server. We use data mirroring to replicate data, so if one point failed client can retrieve disk mirror image for fetching. 

Shall I delete a block server instance of volume?

You can delete storage block data by connecting it with VPS instance. By detaching volume, you can delete the instance.

Are VCCL storage servers safe against any data theft ?

VCCL storage servers use block storage technology,  which makes it secure at first place plus for added security Block Storage is encrypted with key credentials.

Is it possible to later increase capacity of storage block ?

After provisioning it’s not possible to increase the volume capacity in GBs. You can contact our storage experts regarding this.



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