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VCCLCloud is leading Cloud provider in India, provides services from startup to organization level across globe. Our goal is to provide industry support business flow and high availability. 

Cloud Compute Plans in India

VCCL's Best Plans for Cloud Server

Cloud Basic




 CPU 1 Core

SSD Disk 25GB

BandWidth 1TB

Network Speed 500Mbps

Cloud Plus




 CPU 1 Core

SSD Disk 50GB

BandWidth 5TB

Network Speed 1Gbps

Cloud Pro




 CPU 2 Core

SSD Disk 100GB

BandWidth 10TB

Network Speed 1Gbps

Cloud Business




 CPU 4 Core

SSD Disk 200GB

BandWidth Unlimited

Network Speed 1Gbps

Cloud Compute Services on one click


Our goal is to provide industry support business flow and high availability. We deliver services to achieve business goals with our highly robust, safe, and cost effective cloud solutions. We build and manage the cloud framework of companies that model and tests cloud based infrastructures. Our cloud compute services are scalable, safe, inexpensive, and flexible can grasp quick changes, and helps organizations keep productive, upgrade system availability and decrease downtime. Now a day’s many organizations planning to move most of their tasks to the cloud platform, it would seem that cloud computing applications are limitless. Disaster recovery and work management have always been essential for service providers. Because cloud computing services are efficient in maintaining redundancy and protecting data when system fails. Many of the cloud service providers offer recovery services. Big data, AI and IoT based application requires huge compute and storage power. Agile application use in streamline the development of an organization, cloud providers offer on-demand-self-service to keep projects running. 

VCCLCloud Computing Overview

Multiple leading university researchers, government and startups uses cloud computing technology to adapt their business goals. According to NIST, end user can access cloud services on demand including server, storage, network, software and development platforms.




Cloud services are affordable to end users. So it is easy to manage, install, configure and buy compute services on demand. Cloud computing can also permit developers and Big data analysts to run and support high computational applications.


High Speed

Organizations can develop and run applications within minutes on cloud platform. There is no need to wait for weeks and months for and infrastructure development, user can select, download and install applications directly.


High Scalability

Cloud Computing deliver scalable and elastic services. Instead of buying unnecessary server and storage during blind period, user can scale services up and down whenever needed. End user can also take advantage of our global network.

Optimize Your Infrastructure and Workloads with VCCLCloud Services

VCCLCloud services offers flexible IT solutions to empower your business success. Rejuvenating your multi-cloud technique requires a trusted, reliable accomplice. VCCLCloud have the ability expected to make your cloud scheme reality.

Cloud Computing Service Structure


In SaaS, end user directly run cloud based application using electronics devices like mobile, PC, etc. Web browser and API’s are suitable platforms to use cloud applications on end user devices. With less subscription fees or ‘pay-as-you-go’ offer user can pay and use application services by cloud service providers. Application up gradation can be done without data loss. VCCLCloud infrastructure solutions offer support to manage, install and maintain end user applications.

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

PaaS come up with on demand development platform, stacks, hardware and system for executing, writing code and managing software’s without difficulty and rigidness. Cloud Service Provider gives list of data center services, so developer can simply select platform to program, test, upgrade, deploy and manage applications. Cloud service provider provisions Middleware platform to write, test, debug and run administrative tools.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Infrastructure services are available on-demand, it includes virtual and physical machines, disk space, network. These services available on pay-as-you-go plan. As compared to software or platform services like containers and kubernets, IaaS gives control over underlined hardware. VCCLCloud infrastructure solutions delivers dedicated cloud services that offloads all tasks- accounting, scaling, monitoring, planning, patching.

Cloud Deployment frameworks


Private Cloud

Private Cloud is specially design for isolated companies or business units. It can be easy to build and operate by company on its own. VCCLCLoud offers Private Cloud business solutions, to enhance business ability.  It may build on client’s  application.


Community Cloud

Community Cloud framework is equipped for certain community of customers that have same vision like policy, goals, safety demands. It may be build and operate by community or third party or both. It may build on or off location.

Public Cloud

Public Cloud

Public Cloud is available for all people globally. It may be build and operate by government or company or both. Cloud provider maintain public cloud. Public cloud platform is easily available to general public. It is secure cloud solution.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud is combination of private and public cloud frameworks. It is specially design to maintain load balancing. Hybrid cloud mostly design to balance  load between sensitive data and public data.

Cloud Computing Security Applications

Cloud service provider supervised all security aspects of cloud infrastructure. Customer can monitor his tasks and mention ownership of data among private, public and hybrid cloud framework.

Data Encryption

Cloud hosting providers setting up dynamic monitoring tools for all connected systems and cloud based applications to monitor data transfer between public, private and hybrid cloud platforms.

User Credentials and Identity Management

User Credentials and Identity Management gives full perception of and clarity into network, storage, application and access credentials.

Shared Management

Cloud service provider forms good communication path to install IT and security tasks to maintain sustainability. VCCLCloud offer shared services, like Linux shared hosting.

Monitoring Security

Cloud hosting providers setting up dynamic monitoring tools for all connected systems and cloud based applications to monitor data transfer between public, private and hybrid cloud platforms.

Frequent Asked Questions

VCCLCloud Compute is a web based service which offers bare metal and virtual compute facility, that works for flexible and high performance framework. Its powered by VCCLCloud next generation cloud services and is built to help modern business at low cost to develop and run most challenging applications.

VCCLCloud Compute offers compute console within seconds with easy web console. The hardware based compute node is once configure, host machine can access it. It is totally flexible, easy to control and gives powered performance to your applications.

VCCL auto scaling offers automatic service to scale up cloud compute for workload . Instead of manually starting cloud compute APIs, it will scale up automatically.

We offers Linux versions like Oracle, Cent OS 7/8/ and Ubuntu. We also offers Microsoft Windows Server.

Yes, VCCLCloud Compute supports using your own OS image.

Local Storage: Local SSD Storage with highly reliable and low latency is available.
Block Storage: Block Storage offers volume of persistent blocks with attached compute node. User can use it like a normal file structure for the OS.

After terminating node, you can boot blocks for later use. If you don’t want to use, it will deallocate and terminate from your account. All data in the block storage will be safe and available to use.
Also you can create copy of disk or image and use later.