11 Free Courses to Learn Cloud Computing for Beginners in 2022

If you are willing to learn cloud computing as a beginner and search for some free resources, you have arrived at the correct place. Here we will discuss free resources to have knowledge of cloud computing for beginners in 2022. With some clicks, you can kick start your career’s cloud computing journey.

Let’s first try to understand what cloud computing is. Cloud Computing is a method that provides access to various computing resources such as CPU,  security,  networking,  analytics,  storage, and many other software platforms available on the internet and also facilitates deploying applications to take benefits of the services on an on-demand basis at very low cost because of higher economical scaling. Due to ease in working with the computing resources, it has been powering many innovations and attracting many companies to the cloud.

As a result, every organization focuses on business growth despite looking at infrastructure and relying on computing on others such as Google,  Amazon, and Microsoft are managing better than them. The skill for cloud computing is essential and basic for modern developers. On working in the cloud, you must be familiar with all terminologies and technologies in correspondence to IaaS,  SaaS,  and PaaS, compute and storage, etc. Otherwise, you can’t give tough competition to the companies present over the marketplace.

Cloud Computing for beginners
Cloud Computing For Beginners | 11 Free Courses to Learn Cloud Computing for Beginners in 2022

The demand for cloud engineers is very high in this digital age. In other words, cloud computing is the services provider that provides its infrastructures and space for the rental charge of using their elements. If you want to learn skills such as managing your data,  storing, computing, running them, or securing your data, we have brought to you some online cloud computing courses available on various platforms such as Simplilearn, Pluralsight, Udemy, Coursera, edX, and many more. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

Online Courses for Cloud Computing

The list of these courses includes foundations of cloud computing with AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP, which are the most popular services of the cloud platform. They are discussed as below :

Introduction to Cloud Computing (Simplilearn)-

This cloud computing basics free course covers basic and advanced concepts in cloud computing. Learn about cloud architecture, services, hosting, and more. Master cloud computing fundamentals, the cloud computing lifecycle, and key concepts of AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Simplilearn Logo
Simplilearn | 11 Free Courses to Learn Cloud Computing for Beginners in 2022

Cloud computing with Amazon Web services (Udemy)-

The Amazon AWS course is very popular which provides cloud services used by various big companies such as Linkedin,  Netflix, etc.  The duration of this course is about 3 hours of video content. The course includes an introduction to the AWS services and the proceeds to the EC2 creation, which is used to host your web applications. Then about S3 cloud storage, which is used to secure your data files in the cloud. Through this course, you are able to manage groups,  configuration, infrastructure, using amazon SES used to send an email, and much more.

Udemy Online Course
Udemy Online Course | 11 Free Courses to Learn Cloud Computing for Beginners in 2022

Introduction to cloud computing (Coursera)-

This course deals with the evolution of cloud computing and also various types of deployment models related to clouds such as IaaS,  SaaS, and PaaS.  After this, you will be reading about the architecture and knowing about the virtual machines or serverless computing and microservices, including cloud securities such as managing and accessing, identifications, and cloud-based encryptions. The duration of this course is approx 12 hours of on-demand videos. It also provides a sharable certificate after the completion of this program.

Coursera | 11 Free Courses to Learn Cloud Computing for Beginners in 2022

Fundamental of cloud computing (Pluralsight)-

This course deals with IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, how to migrate within the cloud,  securing and storing data, networking of data in the cloud. It will also deal with virtualization and different pricing models. This course is designed for beginners level and has a duration of 2 hours video on demand. For this course, you will need a Pluralsight membership to get started. You may try its 10 days free trial offer for a variety of streams.

Pluralsight | 11 Free Courses to Learn Cloud Computing for Beginners in 2022

A practical introduction to cloud computing (Udemy)-

This course has a duration of 2.5 hours of on-demand videos, which is further divided into several modules dealing with key features—learning to deploy an application on IBM Bluemix PaaS, understanding the advantage of cloud computing over traditional deployment methods. For some of the paid services, this course provides you with a certificate of the program.

Introduction to cloud computing (Edx)-

This course is provided free of cost and provides you with sharable certification for your knowledge. The duration of this course is 2-4 hours per week, having on-demand videos. This course introduces you to the core concepts of cloud computing. It gives ideas for various deployments models such as private,  public, and hybrid clouds.

Edx | 11 Free Courses to Learn Cloud Computing for Beginners in 2022

Cloud Computing Infrastructure (Edx)-

This cloud computing micro master program concentrates on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) components and elements. This program includes storage,  compute, and auxiliary services provided. It has a program duration of 8 weeks (8 to 10 hours per week ). It is free of cost and provides a certificate of your knowledge.

GCP– Google cloud platform Concepts (Udemy)-

This is one of the best courses available online for free on Udemy. You can learn several benefits of opting for this program. Another very popular service offered by the cloud is GCP. This starts with the basics of GCP then explores GCP interfaces such as SDK,  shell, console, etc. You will further deal with creating an instance, SQL database,  platform management, and network service. It has 6 hours of video content.

Intro to Cloud Computing (Udacity)-

Here, you will learn to use AWS to create identities, access management policies,  data storing in the S3 bucket, ec2 launching instance, and finally, you are familiar with introducing serverless architectures and data Storage using AWS Elasticache. It is a beginner-level program approximately of 2 months duration at a self-paced speed.
Learning Cloud Computing: Core Concepts (LinkedIn learning)-

Udacity | 11 Free Courses to Learn Cloud Computing for Beginners in 2022

Learning Cloud Computing: Core Concepts (LinkedIn learning)-

This course is equally famous for cloud computing core concepts. Here you are getting knowledge of intro to Cloud,  migration to the cloud,  cloud securities, various operations of cloud, and more. It offers you a shareable certificate for the program you took part in. You can take a 1-month trial subscription for this program and then go ahead with the entire course available.

Cloud Computing: The Technical essentials (Udemy)-

This is another awesome course for learning basics and foundational knowledge about cloud computing, and it provides features of a sample public cloud: AWS and various services it provides. It is completely free on Udemy. It has on-demand videos of approx 2 hours 50 minutes. Overall it is a good path for both students and professionals who have never worked on cloud computing.


I hope after going through all of the above free online Cloud Computing courses of cloud computing for beginners in 2022, you will get entire core concepts and basics about the foundations of cloud computing. Upon completing these courses, you will have concepts of how the cloud works in different aspects of this digital world, and it is essential for the enhancement of business. And hence you can deal with sorting various problems and can deploy and develop your business through various cloud-based services.