What is GPU Server? Uses & Benefits of having GPU

What is GPU Server? Uses & Benefits of GPU

          People who are not tech savvy they feel like they have heard something wrong word, but you have heard correct word and it’s not CPU rather its GPU. Let me first tell you that GPU stands for Graphic Processing Unit. In simple words, GPUs look just like another chip, but inside, there is an array of dozens, hundreds or thousands of small computing units (or “GPU Cores”) that work in parallel, and this is the main reason for why GPUs are so much faster than CPUs to compute images. In GPU hundreds of small computing cores get the job done faster than a handful of big cores.

What is the difference between CPU and GPU?

         All of us know that CPU is central Processing Unit, but I strongly feel that it should be General Processing unit, because CPU does all the thing which are required for working of your Computer, Laptopo any other gadget.

        The main difference between CPU and GPU is their purpose, the CPU mainly designed to carry out general calculation as I said, and GPU is solely designed for graphic and video rendering purposes. More precisely here we can say GPU is a co-processor that helps CPU.

        Here again question arises, that why one should require separate GPU for graphics and all that??The answer is that graphical images and video processing requires too many things to do such as pre-rendering the files, making the files, compressing it, storing it, modifying it. etc. if all the processes are carried out by CPU then system performance will be degraded

       Very badly and to avoid this GPU will carry this compute-intensive works by itself and helps CPU to work fast

CPU Cores vs GPU Cores

CPU Cores vs GPU Cores

        Generally, CPU is having up to 8 cores but GPU is having hundreds of cores. Another difference is that CPU works linearly i.e. serially we can say, but GPU works parallelly. The highly compute-intense data will be crunched into parts and all the parts are computed parallelly into the GPU and that’s why GPU makes faster calculations.

Is graphic card and GPU being same?

        No… Not at all. Simply graphic card is hardware as a whole and GPU is one of the major parts of a graphic card. Sometimes GPU is integrated into the motherboard.

Do I really need GPU?

       This question is somewhat tricky because every computer or laptop or some other device has some sort of GPU. It’s not like some of the devices are not having GPU at all…. because without GPU it’s difficult to display an image. so, rather than saying that do I need a GPU we can ask Do I need a dedicated GPU???

       It depends on you. Our general-purpose applications such e-mails, word processing, listening music even watching HD like videos really don’t need any GPU. in a nutshell If one who does not have to deal with graphic and all that stuff then there is not any need of GPU, 

       GPU is mainly required for playing high graphic games like Asphalt 8: Airborne, Modern Combat 5, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), Need for Speed – Most Wanted etc.

       GPU can be beneficial to non-gamers too such as if you do intense photoshop designs if you do intense 3D art design, intense video editing.

       One of the most important uses of GPU is to connect multiple displays at the same time. In today’s multimedia world it’s been necessary for video editors or gamers or YouTube creators to use multiple displays which is somewhat limited due to fewer HDMI or DVI ports provided by CPU but GPU can provide you multiple numbers of the port for your multi-screen experience

If GPU is such fast then why should not we replace the CPU with GPU?

       Again, it is tricky while answering this question. Can you compare Fish with an Eagle??? Certainly not because they are having totally different types of ability thus we can’t compare them. The same is applicable to this question. Actually, the CPU is made to handle general-purpose activities while GPU is solely for graphic rendering.

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